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Best Infertility Treatment in Agra

Shantived-Omya Fertility will be known for its ethical and International standards of fertility
treatment. Cutting edge technology along with emphasis on care and well-being of our
patients is what sets us apart.

The Essence of
Shantived Omya

Omya means ‘Life Giving’. Just like the positive vibrations that are generated by
the sound of Om, we at Shantived-Omya, ensure that you have a positive
experience, personalized treatment and successful outcomes.

Shantived-Omya will offer core treatments including IUI, IVF, ICSI, PGT, Laser
Hatching, Blastocyst Culture, TESA/PESA, Micro TESE and Donor Programme.

We will also provide the best legal Surrogacy service in India.
All our fertility procedures will be targeted towards ensuring that you conceive a healthy baby
while ensuring your health and wellbeing.

Experience. Expertise. Excellence

Shantived-Omya Fertility will be known for its ethical and International standards of fertility treatment. Cutting edge technology along with emphasis on care and well-being of our patients is what sets us apart.

With a high success rate, Shantived – Omya specialists have 15 years of experience in providing the best care and productive results.


We apply cutting edge science in a comfortable space to deliver the best
results in our field. We offer a full suite of embryology and andrology
fertility services in one, convenient location. Our main focus is on
ensuring a positive experience, customized treatment and successful

& Smooth Process

The whole process of the IVF treatment cycle is transparent where the
patient can see her own embryos before embryo transfer.

Our goal is not just limited to achieving a positive test, but to be a true and trusted companion
in your journey to parenthood

Our State of the Art Lab & OT

We have full-time In-house Lab Scientist and Senior Embryologist with vast experience in ICSI, Laser hatching, PGD, and our treatments are always individualized and planned meticulously as we believe each individual has unique requirements.

The heart of every IVF clinic is the Lab. We in the forefront of ART technology with RI witness in our Lab. We maintain zero VOC in our modular OT and Lab through HEPA filters. Bio Clad hygienic wall cladding ensures the highest standards of hygiene.
Our Work inspires Smiles

The Faces behind
Our Success

We have leading doctors with international level expertise who are committed to provide highest standards of medical excellence at a fraction of international costs.

Director at Shantived Omya Fertility (MBBS, MS, FMAS, DMAS, FICMCH, FICRS, Fellow in IVF)

Dr. Blossom Prakash

Dr. Blossom Prakash is a renowned senior gynaecologist, laparoscopic surgeon & infertility treatment specialist who has been actively serving people of Agra region for nearly 20 years as part of Shantived Hospital & Shantived Institute of Medical Sciences.

She is an alumnus of GMC Patiala & KLE Belgaum from where she completed her MBBS & MS respectively. She has acquired expertise in infertility treatment from the prestigious Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. Dr. Blossom Prakash has been conferred with fellowship of various medical
associations in India & abroad.

Director Omya Fertility Group (MBBS, DNB)

Dr. Seema Bajaj

Dr. Seema Bajaj is a well-known name in the field of IVF and a renowned infertility specialist having more than 15 years of experience. She has trained many doctors from around the globe and has organized several workshops for IVF awareness and women’s wellness.

She completed her MBBS from GMC, Bhopal and DNB from R & R Hospital, New Delhi, where she got extensive training in Reproductive Medicine. She also got her Advance training in ART techniques under Dr. Svend Lindenberg from Copenhagen Fertility Centre, Denmark .

Senior IVF Consultant ( MBBS, MD)

Dr. Ashima Asnani

Dr. Ashima Asnani is a highly proficient doctor with extensive experience in handling all kinds of infertility cases including
Stimulation protocols, Oocyte retrieval and embryo transfers. She has experience of more than 10 years in dealing with infertile couples.
She is actively involved with the donor-surrogacy programme and as a lecturer in various training programmes. She has done Hysteroscopy training under Osama Shawki.

Embryology Lab Director

Mr. Ram Prakash

Mr. Ram is a certified Clinical Embryologist. He has performed more than 5000 IVF cycles and over 500 Embryo Biopsies. He has experience of more than 9 years in the field of ART and has trained more than 100+ Doctors and aspiring embryologists from around the globe.

His expertise are Cryopreservation, Embryo Biopsy and PGD/PGS. He is an active member in IVF laboratory startups and setting protocols in northern India and Nepal.

Fertility Care

IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination)

IUI is a fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilisation. The goal is to increase the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes and subsequently increase the chance of fertilisation. IUI can be coordinated with your normal cycle or with fertility medications.

IVF (In- Vitro Fertilization)

IVF is performed to fertilize the egg with the sperm in a Lab. The developed embryo is then transferred into the female patient’s uterus. Our fertility specialists study the patient’s medical background and pregnancy history before advising IVF. It is usually prescribed incase of Fallopian tube damage or blockage, impaired sperm production or function, unexplained infertility, ovulation disorders etc.

ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

An advanced form of IVF- sperm and egg are obtained from the partners. It is a safe and accurate process to ensure fertilization. Best option for couples who were not able to conceive through IVF or have failed fertilization. The ICSI process is performed by our expert embryologists.

Egg Freezing / Cryopreservation

A procedure performed to freeze embryos, oocytes, and sperms. The cells are frozen at extreme temperatures, stopping all cell functions for the time -being.

Donor Programme

Donor Sperm

A couple that can’t conceive due to no-sperm count (azoospermia) or when there is genetic disorder in father. The donated sperm from a certified sperm bank is used to fertilize with the eggs of the female to develop an embryo. In IVF cycle this fertilized embryo is then placed inside the womb to achieve pregnancy.

Egg Donation

Age, premature ovarian failure and menopause, play an important role in female infertility. They might affect the production of oocytes. For such cases, healthy eggs from a female donor are taken and fertilized with the partner’s sperms in the Lab. After fertilization, the embryo is placed in the uterus of the patient.

Embryo Donation

If both female and male partners are unable to produce eggs and sperm respectively, they go for embryo donation. In this process, the eggs and sperm are taken from donors and fertilized, after which it is placed in the womb of the female partner.


This process is advised to couples who are unable to conceive due to some health problems. In this process, the interested partners or commissioning couple are allotted a Surrogate, a lady Omya provides t that is appointed for carrying the baby in her womb. he best legal Surrogacy service in India.

Advance Techniques

Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst culture refers to growing the embryos in the laboratory for 5 days at which point they are referred to as blastocyst embryos and are transferred to the woman’s uterus or frozen. This allows the possibility of transferring the single best embryo and thereby reducing the chance of multiple pregnancies.

PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis )

This IVF procedure is designed to examine embryos for chromosomal abnormalities. Embryos are created by combining eggs and sperm in the Lab. From each embryo, one or two blastomeres are removed and tested.

Laser-assisted Hatching

An advanced technology, performed by an experienced embryologist to increase the rate of successful implantation of the embryo. The outer shell of the embryo is breached by firing a few laser pulses. LAH procedure holds a chance to get a positive pregnancy for couples who had failed IVF cycle.


Male Infertility

A microscopic process used to extract sperm from the testicles. This procedure is used to retrieve healthy sperms for fertilization and is performed in cases where the male partner has azoospermia. Extraction is done from Epidydmis in PESA.

Happiness begins here..!

Successful stories
and client testimonials

Angels for us!

Would like to share my experience at Shantived Omya was told about it by my family doctor as my wife was not able to get pregnant, very nicely Dr Blossom Prakash & Dr Seema bajaj explained us how to go further ,beautiful surgery done for fibroid now my wife is pregnant thanks a lot for helping us.


Helped me a lot

Thanks Shantived Omya for completing my family. This is our first time experiencing IVF and we were very nervous and anxious about the entire process but they supported and guided us very well. We are so happy that we found this place. Thanks once again

Ajay Sharma

Our life Changed

Just wanted to share my experience at Shantived omya with low count my wife conceived within 3 month of treatment had been to many places but got results here. Very efficient and experienced doctor. Would recommend to patients with low sperm count. Work wonders fort me. Thanks to doctors.

Sooraj Agarwal

In short words

Today Shanti Ved Hospitals offer relief to thousands of patients from across the world each year, and we will continue to remain committed to providing the best surgical techniques, coupled with the latest technology in the years to come.


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