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Best Physiotherapy in Agra, Bring the spring back into your step, with the help of experts
who can channel your body to a smooth and speedy recovery.


We are a comprehensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre, equipped with dedicated experts, compassionate care and a personalised approach, backed by state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure to provide services at par with global standards. Our treatments involve every muscle group in your body. From musculoskeletal & sports injury recovery to classic physiotherapy and rehabilitation, we cover everything you need. This helps address a diverse variety of pains.


Our physiotherapy services and treatments are designed to meet the unique requirements of patients who are seeking rehabilitation to their original stride. We offer a comprehensive and patient-focused treatment approach in a comfortable and private environment. Our techniques represent the latest approach to holistic wellness while adhering to international healthcare standards.

  • Internationally accredited experts with a combined experience of over 100 years.
  • Multidisciplinary, team-based care in a home-like environment.
  • Customised programs for best clinical outcomes.
  • Multi-speciality in-house physiotherapy centre run by experts.
  • Studio for fitness, antenatal and postnatal classes.
  • Comfortable and spacious patient areas, rooms and amenities.

We Treat

  • Neck & Back pain: Treatments for spondylosis, prolapse, frozen shoulder, and more.
  • Knee Pain: Treatments including solutions for osteoarthritis, bursitis, ligament injuries or rheumatological problems that need mobility support.
  • Sports Injuries: Relief measures for ankle sprains, rotator cuff tears, and more.
  • Rehabilitation: Recovery from ACL repairs, joint replacements, mobilisation following surgery, fractures and trauma injury.

Hand & Shoulder Rehabilitation

This is a highly specialised area for our in-house therapist and physiotherapist. People who undergo tendon transfers, body reconstruction, etc. after a crush or trauma injury to the hand, need specialised attention to resume an optimal level of functioning.

Foot & Body Balance Care

Foot and ankle realignment may call for various other compensatory dysfunctions around other joints and the spine. Remedial exercises and posture correction are provided by closely monitoring the patterns and reflexes of pain. This is particularly relevant for patients who undergo joint and hip replacements.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Ensuring complete restoration to bodily movements prior to stroke is difficult but not impossible. With the chances of paralysis, movement dysfunction, gait rehabilitation, aphasia & dysphasia, cognitive and perceptual issues might need to be addressed depending on the condition of the body.

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

The target is to achieve the maximum possible functionality of the spinal cord post-injury/trauma/surgery, depending primarily on the severity of the injury and then upon the type of injury. classification of injury. Our services also include counselling, assessment, prescription and fabrication as applicable.

Traumatic Head Injury Rehabilitation

The aim is to achieve maximum functionality based on the severity and classification of the injury or trauma experienced. Our services also include counselling, assessment, prescription and fabrication as applicable.

Amputee Rehabilitation

This takes care of the needs of patients who need prosthetics. Amputation specialists take care of pre-amputation assessment and counselling, prescription fabrication and fitment of prosthesis. Following which our specialised physiotherapists take care of the functional training after fitment and prosthesis-related musculoskeletal concerns.

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Today Shanti Ved Hospitals offer relief to thousands of patients from across the world each year, and we will continue to remain committed to providing the best surgical techniques, coupled with the latest technology in the years to come.


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