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Retrograde intrarenal surgery

Best RIRS in Agra

As the name implies, RIRS, or retrograde intrarenal surgery, involves removing kidney stones by entering the kidney from the ureter in the opposite direction—that is, retrogradely. During this minimally invasive technique, kidney stones are removed using a fiberoptic endoscope, which is a sort of viewing tube and holmium laser. The fiber-optic cable’s flexibility allows it to bend smoothly inside the renal system and enter the kidney and ureter with ease.
Retrograde intrarenal surgery


RIRS is performed to remove stones without making any incisions on the kidney while using a laser and a viewing tube called a fiberoptic endoscope that goes through the urethra into the kidney. It is performed under general, local or spinal anesthesia.
This procedure requires a specialized urologist who is specifically trained in RIRS.

Who can get benefit from RIRS?

The surgery is needed to perform inside the kidney without the need of getting any outside cuts. The instrument is moved up and through the urethra, and then placed into the kidney with the help of a live X-ray i.e. fluoroscopy. The procedure is minimally invasive, and it is a perfect option to treat complex cases with ease.

Some of the causes include:
-Strictures in the kidney
-Kidney stones that are too large
-Kidney stones in children
-Failures in other treatment methods
-Bleeding disorders in the kidneys
-Obese patients


RIRS is a non-invasive procedure for removal Kidney stones using a fiberoptic, endoscope. The stone is seen through the scope,
pulverised or crushed by a Holmium laser probe and grabbed by small forceps.
No cut is made irrespective of the size of the stone. These are some of the following benefits of the RIRS surgery

Minimally invasive
-The procedure is simple and quick
-Less Recovery time is reduced
-Less pain
-Less morbidity
-Very minimal bleeding
-Harmless to the renal tissue

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Had my gallbladder removed

Had my gallbladder removed few days back from Shanti Ved institute. the hospital has 5 star facility with reasonable expenses.
The staff is well trained about their work. Every patient is treated with utmost care . The hospital is very clean and maintained . The doctors are undoubtedly the best surgeons.

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Best Hospital in Agra ,I would definitely suggest Dr. Shwetank Prakash (Senior Urologist). The main difference I see in shantived hospital is the way they take care of the patient after the surgery/operation. The process for admission, Billing, TPA and fooding was smooth. Overall it was a excellent experience.
Shantived is well equipped with the tools and medicine as well

Gagan Prakash

Kidney Stones Removed

I have kidney stone problem and this made my life very difficult at one point. My colleagues suggested me to get checkup at shantived hospital. The doctor here are very skilled. They explained the problem in depth. After surgery my recovery has started. I am very happy.


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