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Today Shanti Ved Hospitals offer relief to thousands of patients from across the world each year, and we will continue to remain committed to providing the best surgical techniques, coupled with the latest technology in the years to come.

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Who weare

With the building of a 160 bedded Shanti Ved Institute of Medical Sciences (the largest hospital of it’s kind in Western Uttar Pradesh) and a conglomerate of medical services offered to every patient that walks in through the institute’s doors.
A dream envisaged by Dr. Ved Prakash in 1938 – that he, his better half Smt. Shanti Devi and their humble progeny toiled their lives to achieve finally comes to life. In addition to all available specialists under one roof, MRI , state of the art DEXA machine and a 128 slice CT makes the institute unparalleled in the region
We dedicate this hospital and our services to the people of Agra and neighboring areas.

They say all it takes is one individual to start a legend. And, so it all began when a young Dr. Ved Prakash in 1938 resolved to abandon four generations of a very flourishing Ayurvedic practice and decided to opt for Allopathy .Redeeming his resolve, he joined the first batch of MBBS (1939) of S.N. Medical College, Agra. After much hardships he completed his MBBS to become one of the first few family physicians of Agra.Yet his dreams were profound. So, along with his highly educated batter half Smt. Shanti Devi he set out with an iron resolve for higher education for his 3 sons.
His determination bore tremendous results when all his 3 highly educated sons became pioneers and giants in their respective fields.
The eldest Dr.(Prof.) Vijay Prakash become Professor in Medicine and the first person to start GI Endoscopy & Bronchoscopy in Uttar Pradesh.

The middle son dr. Ajay Prakash pioneered surgical procedures like Ajay’s percutaneous cholecystectomy & a host of others.He also started an 80 bedded exclusive surgical set-up. By the name of Shanti Ved hospital -one of it’s kind in Agra.
The youngest Dr. Sanjay Prakash was the first to procure image intensifier machine in all of North Indi, he started close nailings in long bone fractures in 1986 and locking nails in 1988.These techniques were were firstly introduced in the country by Dr. Sanjay Prakash

All three daughters-in law of Dr. Ved Prakash namely Dr. Aruna prakash, Dr. Divya Prakash & Dr. Madhu Prakash became gynecologists of repute. Dr. Divya Prakash herself became a pioneer with her famed Divya’s Percutoneous Hysterectomy.

She also laid the foundation of the 80 bedded exclusive Shanti Ved Hospital.

Dr. Ved Prakash’s grandchildren namely
Dr. Prashant Prakash (Prof& HOD, Pulmonary Medicine SNMC, Agra)
Dr. Shwetank prakash( former HOD Surgery SNMC, Agra)
Dr. Shivank Prakash (Consultant Orthopaedician & Sports Injury Specialist) along with Grand daughter-in -laws
Dr. Pooja Prakash (Prof & HOD, Pathology, SNMC Agra)
Dr. Blossom Prakash( Consultant ObsGynae & IVF Specialist) are trying to emulate the achievements of their parents & grandparents.

Living upto the tradition are Dr. Ved Prakash’s grand-daughters
Dr. Puja Agarwal ( Scientist , M.D. Anderson Cancer Institude, Houston Usa)
Dr. Swati Prakash( Consultant Pathologist, Shantived Laboratories)
Dr. Arushi Prakash who is the only pediatric ophthalmologist, neurophthalmologist and squint specialist in all of western UP.
But one dream of Dr. Ved prakash still remained unsettled. The establishment of a state of the art superspecialty hospital with everything under one roof and now with the untiring efforts of Dr. Ajay Prakash, Late . Dr. Divya Prakash , Dr. Sanjay Prakash , Dr. Madhu Prakash. Dr. Shwetank Prakash & Dr. Shivank prakash this dream bears fruition.
What can we offer you?

Medical Specialties

Today Shanti Ved Hospitals offer relief to thousands of patients from across the world each year, and we will continue to remain committed to providing the best surgical techniques, coupled with the latest technology in the years to come

Critical Care | Emergency Medicine

The department of critical care medicine at SVIMS, is a combination of many specialties and technologies, offering the possibility of survival to patients who are acutely and critically ill.

General Medicine

From routine wellness & preventive health care to innovative life-saving treatments and diagnostic services.


The doctors at Shantived are experts gastroenterologists with broad scientific knowledge to provide gastroenterology treatment and optimal health care for patients.

Ear Nose & Throat

Our doctors are trained in managing illnesses related to the ears, nose, nasal passage, sinuses, larynx, oral cavity, upper pharynx, as well as structures of the neck and face.


Our specialists are trained in managing conditions like asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other severe chest infections.


With our expert team of Nephrologists and state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical equipment, we provide treatment for simple to complex Nephrological Conditions.


Cardiology & CTVS

The Cardiac Surgery Department at SVIMS specializes in all kinds of cardiac surgery. We have with us renowned cardiac specialists who perform complex heart surgeries and interventional treatment.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Obstetrics and gynecology are two medical specialties that deal with the reproductive system of a female.
We are a leading gynecology & obstetrics hospital in North India.


Gastroenterology deals with treating diseases related to gastrointestinal tract and disorders associated with it.
We provide gastroenterology treatment and optimal health care for patients.

Neurosurgery & Neurology

At Shantived, our team of highly skilled and experienced Neurologists, provide the Right Treatment from Simple to Complex across for any Neuro Disorders.


We are equipped with a wide array of specialties & offer comprehensive care for several afflictions including knee, hip, and joint problems.

General/Lap Surgery & Urology

The doctors at Shantived are experts at single hole surgeries and have performed an amazing number of single hole gallbladder surgeries in single sessions.

Great practice means great health care

Shantived in numbers

One destination, Thirty years of hard-earned trust: Shanti Ved Hospitals, Agra.

Surgery success

Progressively maintain extensive infomediaries via extensible niches.

Recovery success

Efficiently enable enabled sources and cost effective products.

Patient dedication

Progressively maintain extensive infomediaries via extensible niches.

Care expressed

Efficiently innovate open-source infrastructures via inexpensive materials.

Home to some of the most eminent doctors

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By The Best

We have leading doctors with international level expertise who are committed to provide highest standards of medical excellence at a fraction of international costs.

Chief Surgeon & Urologist

Dr. Ajay Praksh

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Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Sanjay Prakash

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Consultant Obs & Gynae

Dr. Madhu Prakash

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Laparoscopic Surgeon/Urologist

Dr. Shwetank Prakash

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Obst. & Gynaecologist

Dr. Blossom Prakash

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Consultant, Dept. of Ophthalmology

Dr. Arushi Prakash

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Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Shivank Prakash

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President IACM

Dr. Subash Chandra Gupta

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In short words

Today Shanti Ved Hospitals offer relief to thousands of patients from across the world each year, and we will continue to remain committed to providing the best surgical techniques, coupled with the latest technology in the years to come.


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